The Museum Of The Linear Economy

Worldbuilding: investigating a future event.

2020, Universiteit Utrecht,

The Museum Of The Linear Economy


Worldbuilding merges fact and fiction. "It is the Images of the future that shape present decisions" states the German sociologist Jens Beckert. This interactive course with students and policymakers provides insight into the way in which we imagine alternative futures that are more sustainable. Representations about future worlds influence decisions in the present.

Welcome to 2050. Welcome to your 24/7 corner shop. Today, we are a museum.

Here we commemorate the curious and strange era of the linear economy. It is easy to forget how we used to 'throw away' useful products and 'extract' resources from Mother Earth. Between 1945 and 2030 more was possible than ever before, and we consumed the daylights out of our planet. Back then, we were convinced that this would bring us happiness: 'I shop therefore I am'. Little did we know.

In this exhibition you experience the transformation from a linear economy to a circular society. Lest we forget.


22 januari 2020


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